Smartphone controllers

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Gaming on your smartphone with a wireless controller. It's all possible with the super easy to use Toppoint controllers by connecting easily to smartphones. So you can effortlessly play games, watch YouTube videos and even make selfies. Toppoint has three controllers in their range to which this is all possible. Discover here all of our smartphone controllers.


The controller “Small and Smart” are ideal in combination with virtual reality glasses. With this controller you can easily increase the volume, select other clips and virtual reality movies even fast forward or reverse. Of course, this controller is also suitable for playing games without virtual reality glasses.

The controller “Original” is the ideal promotional item for the complete gaming experience! Playing games on the smartphone instead of the computer is hotter than ever. “Original” controller provides a seamless gaming experience where you can go all the way!

You can see in the following videos of the smartphone controllers how simple it all works.
Click on the icons to see these videos. 

Thumbnail_91185.jpg Thumbnail_91186.jpg Thumbnail_91187.jpg

We also have a couple of fun games for the iPhone and Android selected to try out for yourself:

Dead Effect 2: Temple Run: Invasion Strike:  Rush City: 
Dead-Effect-2_incl_artnr.png Temple-Run_incl_artnr.png Invasion-Strike-Free_incl_artnr.png Rush-City_incl_artnr.png


iOS / Android

iOS / Android