10 April 2019

Toppoint’s Grand Opening Party a Major Success

Last Friday, 5 April, Toppoint celebrated the grand opening of their new site in the Hazemeijer complex in Hengelo. After numerous transitions, massive investments, changes in house style, implementation of a new ERP system and presentation of eleven unique brands, Toppoint topped this period of change off with a move from its old headquarters in Bergentheim to its inspiring new site in Hengelo. Naturally this called for a celebration.

The Open Day held in the afternoon was well attended, garnering ample interest from customers, business partners, family and acquaintances. Large-scale interactive presentations showcased the new brands with the right brand experiences. A Piaggio café truck was on hand, along with a Formula 1 simulator that remained popular throughout the day. Live cooking by chefs in the new restaurant kept the festivities well-stocked with the required refreshments. It was a highly successful afternoon, with positive responses to the new industrial headquarters and plentiful praise from attendees.

In the evening, invited guests enjoyed an exclusive VIP reception in the historical Hazemeijer industrial complex. The party was buzzing – with the entire Toppoint Team in attendance, along with over 400 guests from the Benelux region, Germany, Italy and France. The speech by CEO Bas Lensen took a brief look back at the past couple of years, emphasising Toppoint’s major investments in people, machines, systems and a new brand strategy – all to ensure readiness for the future. He extended his gratitude to all of our trusted promotional partners in attendance. Bas also thanked his 85-year-old mother and his wife for all of their support over recent years. Finally, he led the entire hall in a toast to a successful future, and above all to a highly enjoyable evening for all.

The event featured four live cooking stations around the hall, and a photo booth generated loads of laughs. Live music was provided by Boston Tea Party – one of the best party bands in the Netherlands. Their ten-member line-up quickly got people out of their seats and packed out the dance floor. The special act was a brass band, with Toppoint employee Gert-Jan Mulstege, who has been with the company for over 18 years, playing the snare drum. The vibe was festive and the party lasted into the wee hours. This strategic position will enable Toppoint to present and develop itself better and meet the future with confidence.