07 November 2023

Tech News - What should you look out for when choosing a powerbank?

One of the first factors to consider when choosing the right powerbank is the number of outputs. Especially as a business user, you often have several devices with you. A powerbank with multiple outputs allows you to charge these devices simultaneously, saving you time.

Another important factor is the ampere rating. A higher ampere rating not only means faster charging times, but also ensures that the powerbank is suitable for different types of devices. Tablets require a minimum ampere (A) of 2A, while smartphones can already be charged at 1A. It is therefore worth considering a powerbank that meets the needs of various devices.

The capacity of a powerbank is expressed in milliamp-hour (mAh), This value is an important fact when buying a powerbank. The average smartphone battery capacity in 2015 averaged 2,000 mAh, the current generation has an average battery capacity of around 4,500 mAh. So it is wise to select a powerbank with a capacity that allows multiple charges for your devices. For business travellers, a powerbank with a large capacity is ideal, but it is important to remember that larger capacity often results in a heavier and larger product. For charging just your smartphone during a long day on the road, a powerbank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh or less will suffice.

Besides these basic features, there are also advanced features to consider. Fast Charge and wireless charging, for example, are very popular. Fast Charge ensures that your devices are charged in no time, which comes in handy when you are under time pressure.

Another innovation that can make your business life easier is Power Delivery (PD). This technology uses a "handshake" between the charger and the device to determine the optimal charging power. This means your power bank and cable must be USB-PD compatible to reap these benefits. For business users who need to charge their laptops on the go, Power Delivery is essential as laptops require more power.

Nowadays, powerbanks often use USB-C connectors, which not only allow faster charging times but are also more versatile. Make sure your cables are compatible with the purchased powerbank and your devices.

Time is precious, and a high-quality powerbank can ensure that you always stay connected and productive, no matter where you are. Choose wisely, as the right powerbank can be a crucial ally in your daily business activities.