10 October 2023

Tech News - Wireless charging with QI2

Wireless charging has undergone a huge transformation over the past decade and is now almost unimaginable in many modern electronic devices. It started out as a convenient but relatively rare technology, mainly used in niche products. But thanks to continuous innovations and standardisation, such as the Qi standard, wireless charging has become a reliable feature in smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earbuds and other devices.

In the future, wireless charging is only expected to become more popular and spread to different types of devices, making it even more integrated into our daily lives.

A new charging variant makes wireless charging faster and safer. Through the use of magnetic rings, your smartphone is instantly placed in the correct position relative to the wireless charging coil. This way, no unnecessary loss occurs during charging. Apple introduced MagSafe around 3 years ago, together with the iPhone 12, which is based on this principle. Qi2 was recently introduced and, like MagSafe, works with magnetic rings. The current 15W charging speed will increase significantly on both platforms in the future is expected.

The differences between MagSafe and Qi2 are small, but as an Apple user, you currently (still) have a bit more security with MagSafe as it is already widely supported. However, we assume that by the end of 2023 or 2024 there will be a wave of phones on the market that are QI2 compatible. This is likely to accelerate the acceptance of Qi2 as a new standard for wireless charging. The demand for wireless-chargers, powerbanks and cases is likely to increase as a result.